‘Sluggish’ Show.

first_img“It’s a ‘sluggish’ show,” says host Walter Reeves of his “Gardening inGeorgia” show Sept. 20 and 23 on Georgia Public Television. “It’s perfect forthe slothful gardener who prefers the shade.”Reeves starts the program with “slime time,” showing how to control the slugsand snails that love to eat plant leaves in your yard and garden. Then he moves torepairing garden hoses. Did you run over a hose left carelessly on your driveway? Reevesshows how easy it is to fix it.For indoor gardeners, Reeves demonstrates an African violet feeder. Your African violetcan feed itself while you sleep with the contraption he makes out of a plastic margarinetub. Finally, Reeves gets Helen Phillips of Callaway Gardens to proudly show off hercolorful shade garden. It’s full of bright foliage, but few flowers.Wednesdays, Saturdays on GPTVDon’t miss “Gardening in Georgia” Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at10 a.m. The show is designed especially for Georgia gardeners. “Gardening inGeorgia” is produced by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences and GPTV. Walter Reeveslast_img read more

Keiko Fujimori Leads Peru’s Poll for 2011 Presidency

first_imgBy Dialogo September 24, 2010 KEIKO FUJIMORA LEADS IN THE POLLS FOR TWO POWERFUL REASONS, TO WIT: A) BECAUSE THE PUBLIC IS AWARE THAT KEIKO AND HIS FATHER ACTED FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE COUNTRY, TERRORISM WAS CONTROLLED, THE ECONOMY IMPROVED, THEY CARRIED OUT GREAT WORKS, THE GOVERNMENT WASNa€?T TARNISHED BY DIRECT ACTIONS ON THE PART OF FUJIMORA BUT BY THOSE OF MONTESINOS. B) BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WANT THE FUJIMORA FAMILY TO BE RESTOED, BEFORE AN INJUST AND UNREASONABLE DETENTION OF FUJIMORA WHEN THERE ARE THOSE THAT HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND GOVERNING WITHOUT SANCTIONS, AFTER RETURNING FROM ABROAD, THEY NOT ONLY KILLED PRISONERS WITHOUT PITY, BUT THEY ALSO DID THE SAME THING IN BAGUA AND NO ONE JUDGED THEM. WHAT SHAMEFUL IMPUNITY Add a little bit of seriousness into your news. To say that Keyko leads in the polls is irresponsible. 1) TOLEDO – ( MANIQUI – OF a€“ U.S.A ).Therefore things will go wrong for us, in case you havena€?t noticed that country is ambitious and abusive it will own us and we will be their slaves. We will not allow that 2) – CASTA?‘EDA-(WORKS WILL NOT CHANGE OUR SOCIAL PROBLEMS). a€“ it also doesna€?t work 3) KEIKO FUJIMORI (DOING AWAY WITH CORRUPTION). a€“ It is the best path I AM VERY SADDEND BY HOW MUCH THEY HATE THE POLITICIANS, PRESS, WRITERS TO THIS PARTY ABOUT ALL OF ITS POLICIES a€“ WHAT, THEY DONa€?T EAT IF CRIME DOESNa€?T EXISTa€|??? a€“ BUT THE POOR ARE THE MAJORITY a€“ AND WE ARE WITH KEIKO a€“ WHAT WE WANT IS PEACE IN OUR COUNTRY HELLO, I THINK KEIKO IS A GOOD OPTION FOR THE COUNTRY, WELL EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ELECTED AND TO ELECT, BESIDES IF ALBERTO FUJIMORA IS ACCUSED OF COMMITTING MISTAKES, I include the wise and illustrious phrase of a great man a€?he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.a€? SO FRIENDLY READER do not judge the mistakes of the past and least of all despise the daughter of Alberto Fujimora for an alleged mistake of her father, she is a different person and capable and with a fresh mind in which to govern the country, and you, friend is a christian, LETa€?S PRAY TO GOD SO THAT HE CAN GIVE THE WISDOM TO ELECT A CAPABLE GOVERNMENT AND THE ONE THAT IS ELECTED HAVE THE DISPOSITION TO SEEK DIVINE COUNSEL BECAUSE ON HIM RESTS THE SUCCESS OF A GOVERNMENTa€|WITH MUCH AFFECTION WILLIAM ALEGRIA GARCIA Ignorance is the worst misfortune of mankind, the worst that could happen to PERUVIANS is to elect foreign people, people without rank, without any academic preparation; just remember- PERUVIANS we have even elected a prostitute like SUSI DIAZ, illiterates like FUJIMORI, that is how we are. And to continue the same history PERU is headed down the very same road. May VELASCO ALVARADO PANIAGUA return. In reality I think is that despite each of the candidates giving us their best a€?Speecha€?, unfortunately there isn’t much to choose from, unfortunately we have no choice but to vote for the least corrupt, or for the one that has committed the fewest mistakes, it shouldna€?t have to be like this, or havena€?t you ever heard: a€?He steals, but he creates jobsa€?a€|or a€?This one, we already knowa€?a€|it is very true that we should vote for new ideas, young peoplea€|but I believe all across the board there should be young people, because you also know that one rotten apple spoils the whole barrela€|Leta€?s vote conscientiously. Only this way will we be able to change something in this country where we livea€| I think Keykoa€?s proposal is very good. If we consider how her fathera€?s government wasna€?t as bad compared to that of Alan Garciaa€?s. At least the people should admit that there was economic stability and much more, on the other hand, with Alan there are more increases in the basic price of food and ended up selling the national companies to foreigners. It is true that no one person is perfect but a mistake is not committed twice, if we want development we should support Keyko who is our better option!!! 400 absences, more than 180 days off for maternity leave, more than 223 days for 18 trips abroad, and she only presented motions regarding health, buta€|She already got paid: one million solesa€|!! Now she wants to be the President of Peru. She only succeeded in having five proposals approved in four years of work. Furthermore she was out of the country for 223 days and according to the Congressional attendance record, she has more than 400 absences. Keiko is investigated for the first time for profiteering/embezzlement. WELL, I RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR FATHER PUT AN END TO TERRORISM IN PERU, HE BROUGHT LIGHT TO MY COUNTRY, ASPHALT TO THE HIGHWAY FROM NASCA TO CUZCO, SINCE A I WAS A CHILD I WAS A FUJIMORISTA AND EVEN CRIED WHEN HE LEFT PERU, BUT NOW THAT I AM A PROFESSIONAL I SEE THAT EVERYTHING WAS ONLY A FARSE, THERE IS NO WORK FOR THE YOUNG, MUCH LESS FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG IT FORCES US TO LEARN THAT WE DONa€?T LIKE THE STATE THEY SHOULD GIVE THE TRAINING TO US BUT WE WHO ARE MANY SOMETIMES CANNOT GO TO ANY TRAINING AT THE BIG CITIES, AT THE END OF IT ALL YOU ALL PROMISE AND DONa€?T KEEP THAT PROMISE WELL THE DAY WILL COME WHEN INKARRY IS UNITING HER BASE I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER For me neither your fathera€?s government or that of others has been good for our country. I’ve been here in Argentina studying for the past 3 years, and education is in fact free, something that is a farce in Peru. I’m a teacher and studied for 5 years and I come here to work because back there you have to have money to use it, our poor country……………… Keiko would be the continuity of his father in other words he would continue the narco-GOVERNMENT, he already has a habit of taking money from all Peruvians and wants to keep stealing from peru, hopefully they reconsider. ….. Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of ex-president Alberto Fujimori — in prison for human rights violations — tops the list of hopefuls in the April 2011 presidential race, according to a poll on September 22. Keiko Fujimori, 35, is a popular member of Peru’s single chamber legislature who became popular as the country’s de facto first lady when her parents divorced while her father was president. If she decides to run, she would just scrape by on age eligibility, barely reaching the age of 36 required to become president. Fujimori has a 24 percent approval ratings, followed by former Lima mayor Luis Castaneda with 19 percent, according to a poll by Ipsos Apoyo. Third is Alejandro Toledo, president 2001-2006 and credited for laying the groundwork for the country’s economic success. He is followed by the runner-up in the 2006 election, nationalist Ollanta Humala, with 14 percent. President Alan Garcia, who is at the end of his second term in office, cannot run for a third consecutive term. Fujimori’s current level of support would force her into a runoff vote, in which Castaneda would defeat her 43 to 40 percent, according to the poll. The poll was carried out among 1,933 people across the country, in a nation with 19.5 million voters. It has a two point margin of error. Alberto Fujimori, president 1990-2000, was sentenced in April to 25 years prison on charges linked to running a secret army hit squad that killed 25 civilians during the country’s brutal internal insurgency. The former president resigned by fax from Japan in 2000 as he fled a corruption scandal sparked by a video of his spymaster, Vladimiro Montesinos, seen paying off an opposition lawmaker. Keiko Fujimori has said that she would pardon her jailed father if elected, though it is unclear if she has the authority to do so.last_img read more

West Nile cases stay ahead of 2006 pace

first_imgAug 17, 2007 (CIDRAP News) ? The count of West Nile virus (WNV) cases in the United States so far this year remains ahead of last year’s pace, but fewer severe cases have been reported, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC West Nile pagehttp://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/index.htm West Nile cases in the United States jumped sharply last year, totaling 4,269, a 42% increase over the 3,000 cases recorded in 2005, according to the CDC. Neuroinvasive cases were 34% of the total in 2006 and 43% of the total in 2005. The record year for reported cases was 2003, with 9,862. WNV report in Aug 18, 2006, MMWRhttp://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5532a3.htm See also: California has been hit hardest this year, with 86 cases, including 32 neuroinvasive illnesses. Colorado is second with 72 cases (10 neuroinvasive), followed by South Dakota, 62 (19), North Dakota, 52 (8), and Wyoming, 34 (5). CDC. West Nile virus update?United States, January 1-August 14, 2007. MMWR 2007 Aug 17;56(32):821-2 [Full text] As of Aug 14, 444 WNV cases, including 15 deaths, had been reported from 27 states, the CDC says in today’s issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. That compares with 388 cases and 13 deaths in 26 states at this time last year, as reported in the Aug 18, 2006, MMWR. Screening of donated blood has led to the identification of 49 donors with presumed WNV infection so far this year, the CDC reported. Fifteen of the donors subsequently had West Nile fever. Nineteen of the 49 donors were from California. Neuroinvasive cases?the severe form of the disease, including West Nile meningitis, encephalitis, and myelitis?make up 30.6% (136 of 444) of cases so far this year, as compared with 40.7% (158 of 388) at this time last year, according to CDC figures. (Nine cases this year were unclassified, as were 13 at this time last year.) Jul 26 CIDRAP News story “Number of West Nile virus cases surges”last_img read more

First womb-transplant baby born

first_img Tweet Share Share Share HealthLifestyle First womb-transplant baby born by: – October 4, 2014center_img Sharing is caring! 104 Views ? no discussions A woman in Sweden has given birth to a baby boy using a transplanted womb, in a medical first, doctors report.The 36-year-old mother, who was born without a uterus, received a donated womb from a friend in her 60s.The British medical journal The Lancet says the baby was born prematurely in September weighing 1.8kg (3.9lb). The father said his son was “amazing”.Cancer treatment and birth defects are the main reasons women can be left without a functioning womb.If they want a child of their own, their only option is surrogacy.Medical marvelThe identity of the couple in Sweden has not been released, but it is known the mother still had functioning ovaries.The couple went through IVF to produce 11 embryos, which were frozen. Doctors at the University of Gothenburg then performed the womb transplant.The donor was a 61-year-old family friend who had gone through the menopause seven years earlier.Drugs to suppress the immune system were needed to prevent the womb being rejected.A year after the transplant, doctors decided they were ready to implant one of the frozen embryos and a pregnancy ensued.The baby was born prematurely, almost 32 weeks into the pregnancy, after the mother developed pre-eclampsia and the baby’s heart rate became abnormal.Both baby and mum are now said to be doing well.In an anonymous interview with the AP news agency, the father said: “It was a pretty tough journey over the years, but we now have the most amazing baby.“He’s no different from any other child, but he will have a good story to tell.”‘Step change’Two other medical teams have attempted womb transplants before.In one case, the organ became diseased and had to be removed after three months. Another case resulted in miscarriages.Prof Mats Brannstrom, who led the transplant team, described the birth in Sweden as a joyous moment.“That was a fantastic happiness for me and the whole team, but it was an unreal sensation also because we really could not believe we had reached this moment.“Our success is based on more than 10 years of intensive animal research and surgical training by our team and opens up the possibility of treating many young females worldwide that suffer from uterine infertility.”Liza Johannesson, a gynaecological surgeon in the team, said: “It gives hope to those women and men that thought they would never have a child, that thought they were out of hope.”However, there are still doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the invasive procedure.Dr Brannstrom and his team are working with another eight couples with a similar need. The results of those pregnancy attempts will give a better picture of whether this technique can be used more widely.Dr Allan Pacey, the chairman of the British Fertility Society, told the BBC News website: “I think it is brilliant and revolutionary and opens the door to many infertile women.“The scale of it feels a bit like IVF. It feels like a step change. The question is can it be done repeatedly, reliably and safely.”The couple, fresh from celebrating the birth of their child, will soon have to decide if they want a second.The drugs used to prevent the womb being rejected would be damaging in the long term – so the couple will either try again or have the womb removed.BBC Newslast_img read more

Football Week #2 Scores & Coaches’ Comments

first_imgWeek #2 ScoresBatesville? 42? ? ?Milan? 34? ? ?Indy Bishop Chatard? 10? ? ?East Central? 0? ? ?Franklin County? 50? ? ?Winchester? 7Triton Central? 20? ? ?Greensburg? 3North Decatur? 58? ? ?Edinburgh? 8South Dearborn? 32? ? ?Madison? 26? (OT)Lawrenceburg? 14? ? ?Cincy Mt. Healthy? 7Covenant Christian? 68? ? ?Rushville? 6? ?Brown County? 12? ? ?Jennings County? 7? ? ?Coaches’ CommentsBatesville head football coach, Evan Ulery, talks to WRBI’s Terrance Arney, Tom Snape, and Mike Lecher following his team’s victory over The Milan Indians in Friday night’s Victory Bell contest.East Central head football coach, Jake Meiners, commiserates with WRBI’s Jerry Stenger and Caz Burdette following his team’s loss to Indianapolis Bishop Chatard Friday night.last_img read more

BCCI the richest board, have to be a statesman as well: Gautam Gambhir

first_imgNEW DELHI: Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir believes the Board of Control for Cricket in India, which is the richest cricket body in the world, needs to play role of a statesman as well amid the crisis which the cricketing world is facing presently amid the coronavirus pandemic.Speaking on Star Sports’ Cricket Connected show, Gambhir expressed his opinion on BCCI’s willingness of having Team India go into quarantine upon reaching Australia to ensure the much-anticipated Test series goes ahead towards the end of the year. “Good on the BCCI. Fabulous. This is a very, very positive sign. They are probably looking at the bigger picture, it will change the mood of the country. Winning the series is a different thing, it’s very important but it will probably change the mood of both the countries as well. Not only India but probably for Australia,” said Gambhir. “When BCCI is there… they are probably the richest board they have got to be statesman as well. If India go to Australia, then I have a lot of respect for the BCCI,” he added. BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal while speaking to Sydney Morning Herald and The Age had said that a two-week quarantine after landing in Australia shouldn’t be a big deal once normalcy returns. “There is no choice — everyone will have to do that. You would want to resume the cricket. Two weeks is not that long a lockdown. That would be ideal for any sportsman because when you are in quarantine for such a long period, then going to another country and having a two-week lockdown it would be a good thing to do. We’ll have to see what the norms are post this lockdown,” he said. Gambhir also expressed his displeasure at Australia dethroning India from the number one spot in latest ICC Test rankings. “For me, India should be there (No. 1) because Australia… I have serious doubts On what front have you given Australia the No. 1 Test ranking? “They have been absolutely pathetic away from home, especially in the sub-continent,” he said. According to him, India have been the most competitive side in Test cricket over the past few years. IANSlast_img read more

Man. United reach Champions League last 16 after 2-1 home win over CSKA

first_img(REUTERS) – Manchester United reached the Champions League last-16 as Group A winners after coming from behind to beat CSKA Moscow 2-1 at home and finish ahead of Basel who also went through with a 2-0 win at Benfica on Tuesday.The result left United top of the section on 15 points, three more than second-placed Basel and six ahead of third-placed CSKA who will carry on in the second-tier Europa League after the winter break.Having missed a string of good chances in the opening period, United fell behind to a freakish Vitinho goal, heavily deflected off Alan Dzagoev, on the stroke of halftime before Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford struck within a minute to turn the match on its head.Rashford hit the post in the fourth minute and saw a shot from a tight angle saved by CSKA’s busy keeper Igor Akinfeev, who also kept out a Luke Shaw volley as United’s left back enjoyed a fine evening after making his first start since April.CSKA struck out of the blue as Mario Fernandes broke down the right and set up Vitinho, whose miscued shot struck Dzagoev in the back and bounced into the net.United piled the pressure after the break and Akinfeev parried another fierce Rashford shot before the home side’s siege finally paid dividends.Lukaku used his physical strength to steer in the equaliser in the 64th minute, as he got on the end of a probing Paul Pogba pass despite being tugged by CSKA centre back Viktor Vasin.Rashford got his reward for tireless work less than a minute later, drilling in a sublime Juan Mata chip with a fierce left-footed shot from 13 metres which gave Akinfeev no chance.Needing to match CSKA’s result to go through, Basel quickly established their grip on a knockout stage berth as Mohamed Elyounoussi headed the Swiss side into an early lead in Lisbon after Michael Lang’s inch-perfect cross.Another close-range header by striker Dimitri Oberlin doubled Basel’s lead midway through the second half as Benfica finished bottom of the group with zero points from six games.last_img read more

USC joins board to aid L.A. university

first_imgUSC joined a collaborative effort Sept. 10 to stabilize and reinvigorate the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science after CDU’s two-year struggle to expand the university without the support of Los Angeles County.After CDU was cited by Los Angeles County for repeatedly putting patients in danger of injury and death, officials disassociated the university from its teaching hospital, Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital. CDU students’ guaranteed access to a training hospital was revoked and the school’s enrollment decreased by 50 percent. The school’s subsequent loss of financial support greatly reduced its ability to send students into resident programs.With the cooperation of the former CDU Board of Trustees, leaders from USC, Catholic Healthcare West, Cedars-Sinai Medical, Kaiser Permanente, The California Endowment and UCLA have formed a new governing board to redirect the financial management of CDU.A board of councilors, comprised of senior health care and education leaders from the different universities, will advise the Board of Trustees.“The university is not slowing down. Its board has been reconstructed and reinvigorated. The new board will map out a plan to rescue the university,” said Fred MacFarlane, spokesman for the CDU Board of Trustees.Now with the guidance of two new boards, CDU is on the way to recovering from a series of financial strains, MacFarlane said.Hopeful that the downward trend was only temporary, the university broke ground on a nursing school that opened last month. With no significant increase in enrollment or funding, CDU is struggling to make loan and insurance payments for the new nursing facility.No entity, USC or otherwise, has announced any financial commitment to the university to date, MacFarlane said.The dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine and member of the CDU Board of Trustees, Carmen Puliafito, said the board’s mission is to help CDU explore strategies to remain financially viable.“CDU has done a great job reducing disparities over the years. It’s the only historically black medical school west of the Mississippi so it has had a significant role in producing minority doctors. We will provide guidance to the university as it goes forward,” Puliafito said.The board hopes that under its new leadership CDU will be able to establish an agreement with the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital projected to re-open in early 2013, MacFarlane said.The Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital was closed by the federal government in 2007 because of care problems. It will re-open and be run by a non-profit company.Enrollment at CDU could potentially be restored to the capacity it had in 2006 — before the university’s separation from Los Angeles County — if its medical residents and nursing students were guaranteed training and residency in a hospital, he said.As for the short term, the Board of Trustees’ first order of business will be getting CDU’s financial affairs in order.“A week ago, outlooks for the university’s financial situation were bleak. Now they are significantly brightened. That bodes well for the university and it bodes well for the underserved communities of South L.A., which CDU has served,” MacFarlane said.last_img read more

Chancellor Kent Syverud discusses timing of Daryl Gross’s decision to step down as director of athletics

first_img Published on March 19, 2015 at 10:08 am Contact Brett: blsamuel@syr.edu | @Brett_Samuels27 One day after Daryl Gross stepped down as director of athletics, Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud discussed the timing of the decision, and said Gross can still contribute to the university.In an interview Thursday morning with The Daily Orange, Syverud said he had been talking with leaders and personnel in the athletics department since his arrival at SU because of NCAA issues. On March 6, the NCAA released its 94-page report on SU, and levied penalties against the school including a reduction in men’s basketball scholarships and putting the football and men’s basketball programs on five-years probation.While discussions with athletics personnel and leadership was not restricted to the two weeks since the NCAA Committee on Infractions report came out, Syverud said discussions did intensify after the report was released.In those discussions, it was clear that Daryl Gross, “felt it was really time to move to another way to contribute to Syracuse University,” Syverud said.Gross stepped down Wednesday after 10 years as director of athletics. He will now serve as vice president and special assistant to the chancellor, and will teach as an adjunct professor in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textWhile some have blamed Gross for certain findings in the NCAA report, Syverud said Gross “is entitled to extraordinary respect for what he’s achieved here.”“We would not be in an athletic conference and an academic conference, which is what the ACC is, without his vision and persistence and foresight,” Syverud said. He also noted that during Gross’s tenure, SU Athletics had success in Olympic sports and grew its presence in areas like New York CitySyverud added that Gross has many skills that make him valuable to the university in his new role. That includes his expertise in sports and sport management, and his connections with student-athletes and alumni, he said.“I think it’s very desirable that we use that expertise in different ways going forward and show respect and grace with the contributions he’s made here,” Syverud said. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

CAF invite bids for AFCON 2019, 2021

first_imgNigeria, the current African champions, have hosted the Cup of Nations tournament twice, and the Federation could throw in a bid to stage the biggest football event on the continent as the Confederation of African Football (CAF) have invited interested countries to bid for the hosting right of the 2019 and 2021 editions.Morocco will host the next AFCON in 2015, while Libya will stage the 2017 edition.Deadline-The deadline for the submission of applications for the CAN is 25 November 2013 and 4 December 2013 for the CHAN. A CAF Inspection team will visit interested countries between January and April 2014 to evaluate infrastructure and other facilities.-The hosts for the 2019 and 2021 editions of the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) as well as the 2018 and 2020 editions of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) will be announced in the first halve of 2014, a CAF statement read on Monday.Meanwhile, the four host cities for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2015 has been formalized; Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir and Tangier. Casablanca will serve as an alternative venue for the 17 January to 7 February tournament. Libyan citiesIn the same vein, the Libyan Football Federation has also submitted the cities and venues for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations for the approval of the CAF Executive Committee.last_img read more