China’s avian flu deaths reach 6; Indonesia reports case cluster

first_imgJan 18, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Chinese authorities today announced another human death from the H5N1 avian influenza virus, raising the government’s case count to nine, including six deaths, according to a Reuters report.A 35-year-old woman with the surname of Wei died in China’s southwestern Sichuan province on Jan 11, Reuters reported. That was a week after the onset of her fever and pneumonia, according to Bloomberg News. She worked as a poultry farmer, and people who had contact with her are being closely monitored, the Bloomberg story said.Reuters said poultry had been dying in the woman’s village, but China’s Health Ministry, which published information about the case, did not say whether the poultry had tested positive for H5N1.Another Turkish child infectedThe World Health Organization (WHO) had not updated its case count to reflect the new Chinese case at this writing. However, WHO today confirmed the 21st human H5N1 infection in Turkey, involving a 4-year-old boy whose case was announced yesterday by Turkish officials. He became sick Jan 5 and is hospitalized in Erzurum province, the agency said.A news report from Ankara published today by the United Nations’ Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) news service said initial investigation suggests the boy became sick after eating chicken. He is from Dogubayazit in eastern Turkey’s Agri province, site of the four deaths from H5N1 that have occurred in Turkey.Despite the new human case, the news from Turkey may be improving. The WHO update said intensive education and culling efforts are expected to reduce “opportunities for human infections to occur.” In addition, Reuters reported yesterday that five H5N1 patients had recovered and been discharged from hospitals that day. Many of the remaining 12 people in hospitals were in stable condition, but one patient’s condition was described as serious.Indonesian cluster growsIndonesian authorities were investigating what one health official described as the “cluster with the largest number of patients” they had seen, according to a Bloomberg story published today.The cluster involves four people in one family, including a 13-year-old girl who died on Jan 14 and her 3-year-old brother, who died yesterday. Both tested positive for H5N1, said Hariadi Wibisono, director of vectorborne disease control at the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as quoted by Bloomberg. Those tests were done locally and have not yet been confirmed by the WHO-accredited laboratory in Hong Kong.Another sibling, a 15-year-old girl, is improving in a hospital while investigators re-test tissue samples from her throat to determine whether she has an H5N1 infection, the news service reported.Meanwhile, the father of all three children has been hospitalized after experiencing similar flu-like symptoms, the Bloomberg story said. Wibisono said this is the fifth cluster of infections in Indonesia since July.See also: Jan WHO update on the situation in Turkey read more

West Nile cases stay ahead of 2006 pace

first_imgAug 17, 2007 (CIDRAP News) ? The count of West Nile virus (WNV) cases in the United States so far this year remains ahead of last year’s pace, but fewer severe cases have been reported, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC West Nile page West Nile cases in the United States jumped sharply last year, totaling 4,269, a 42% increase over the 3,000 cases recorded in 2005, according to the CDC. Neuroinvasive cases were 34% of the total in 2006 and 43% of the total in 2005. The record year for reported cases was 2003, with 9,862. WNV report in Aug 18, 2006, MMWR See also: California has been hit hardest this year, with 86 cases, including 32 neuroinvasive illnesses. Colorado is second with 72 cases (10 neuroinvasive), followed by South Dakota, 62 (19), North Dakota, 52 (8), and Wyoming, 34 (5). CDC. West Nile virus update?United States, January 1-August 14, 2007. MMWR 2007 Aug 17;56(32):821-2 [Full text] As of Aug 14, 444 WNV cases, including 15 deaths, had been reported from 27 states, the CDC says in today’s issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. That compares with 388 cases and 13 deaths in 26 states at this time last year, as reported in the Aug 18, 2006, MMWR. Screening of donated blood has led to the identification of 49 donors with presumed WNV infection so far this year, the CDC reported. Fifteen of the donors subsequently had West Nile fever. Nineteen of the 49 donors were from California. Neuroinvasive cases?the severe form of the disease, including West Nile meningitis, encephalitis, and myelitis?make up 30.6% (136 of 444) of cases so far this year, as compared with 40.7% (158 of 388) at this time last year, according to CDC figures. (Nine cases this year were unclassified, as were 13 at this time last year.) Jul 26 CIDRAP News story “Number of West Nile virus cases surges”last_img read more

Cross-border cooperation to the development of tourism and preservation of cultural and natural heritage in Slavonia

first_imgSome are fighting to maintain the status quo, while others are fighting against the status quo. This is the difference between successful and those who strive for development and others who stagnate or fail. It is easiest to say there is no money, the status quo cannot be adhered to, while those who are proactive are always looking for a solution to the problem and are actively fighting in the market, and this is also the case when we talk about attracting money from various EU funds. EU projects are there to make the best use of them for development, they all have the same opportunities, and it is up to us whether we use them or not.This is also the case with the project “EXtraordinary PLeasure of Our REGion – Common gastro, eco and recreation routes of Croatia and Serbia” (EXPLORE CRO-SRB) which is implemented with the general goal of contributing to tourism development and preservation of cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area. expansion and integration of the tourist offer and management of cultural and natural assets of the cross-border area.The targeted cross-border area is rich in natural, historical and cultural resources that are economically underutilized due to poor tourism infrastructure, low level of marketing, lack of information exchange within the tourism industry and undiversified tourism offer, lack of communication among tourism stakeholders, poor destination management and lack of effective marketing strategy.Anita ?erek Krnji? from the Development Agency of the City of Slavonski Brod states that this project with a total value of EUR 369 thousand was financed from the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia-Serbia for the period 2014-2020, and is implemented from July 2017 to July 2019. implementation, an eco, gastro and recreational study of the cross-border area will be made in order to form three tourist routes of the cross-border area. “An e-cluster platform will be established, the capacities of the members of the Tourist Cluster “Slavonian Basket” and the Tourist Cluster of the Subotica Pali? microregion and other actors in tourism will be strengthened through trainings on destination management, promotion and marketing, logistics in tourism, valorization of cross-border resources.”Says Krnjic.Photo: Bojan Haron Marki?evi?New cross-border tourism products will be promoted through a ten-month targeted social media marketing campaign, a presentation at trade fairs with a total of 100.000 visitors and a ten-minute promotional film on regional television. We learned more about future studies of tourist routes from the development process leader, Autumn Ricl, leaders of the Eco Route Study process, Tina Horvatina, leader of the Recreational Route Study process and Jasmine Krki? Pozni?, leaders of the process of making the Gastro Route Study.Each study also consists of survey questionnaires, ie research on eko, recreational i gastro tourism, which are extremely important for the implementation and development of the project. If you care about quality and sustainable development of tourism, especially in Slavonia, take a few minutes of your time and participate in the survey.The geographical area of ??eastern Croatia covered by the study contains all the prerequisites for the development of quality and eco-tourism, not mass tourism, he points out. Jesenka Ricl, process leader of the Eco Route Study, adds that the rich natural and cultural heritage, natural landscapes recognized in the plains and the peculiarities of the Kopa?ki rit and Papuk Nature Parks are a great inspiration for travelers who do not want to leave their footprints after their visit. “If the tourism sector, but also many other complementary sectors, accept changes that will affect sustainable development, energy efficiency, production of eco products and business based on the offer of “eco friendly” services then we can say with great certainty that the offer of Osijek-Baranja County, Vukovar Srijem County, Slavonski Brod County and Po?ega-Slavonia County to be deserved on the map of the tourist international eco route. A tourism product alone is not enough to become a respectable eco destination. Such a thing requires a “green” state of consciousness in every household, school, local government unit, factories. An eco-tourist is highly educated, often knows more about the destination than the host, and expects quality, originality and principles for the value of the money he pays.” Ricl points out.Link to the eco-tourism survey questionnaire: the study, we want to first analyze the situation on the ground in the field of recreational tourism, in eastern Croatia, he points out Tin Horvatin, head of the Recreational Route Study process, adds that the results will then be compared with strategic documents applicable to this geographical area and global trends in tourism, so that they can identify, improve and promote tourism products that will be on the recreational route. “Personally, I think that Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem can offer a lot in the field of recreational tourism, through active holidays, but also through an offer aimed at professional sports, and I hope that the Study will eventually show that.”Horvatin pointed out.Link to the survey questionnaire for recreational tourism: Bojan Haron Marki?evi?The third study is based on gastro tourism, and the head of the Gastro Tour Study process points out that Slavonia and Baranja as an agricultural treasury are a unique source that enables the development of gastro tourism, and tourism development becomes a tool in promoting and commercializing these same agricultural products. “Holidays are increasingly ceasing to be “sun and sea”, and more and more desire for new experiences. In the sea of ??today’s attractive offers of once almost unattainable exotic destinations, today’s tourist becomes oversaturated and turns to discovering destinations that nurture traditional values. Originality becomes an attraction in itself. And that is the best answer to the question of how to stand out in the offer of a guest who is oversaturated with everything? With life??traditional values. And that is the basis of gastronomy – respect for culture and tradition, a healthy lifestyle, authenticity, sustainability, experience. We have never given up our traditional values, although they are sometimes neglected. The gastronomic experience we expect becomes one of the key moments when choosing a destination ” concludes Krki? Pozni?.Link to the survey questionnaire for gastro tourism: read more

Specialized tourist journalists from China come to Croatia

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board, in cooperation with the tourist boards of the city of Zagreb, Zagreb County, Bjelovar-Bilogora County, Istria County and Kvarner, is organizing a study trip for Chinese journalists.The trip will take place from 1 to 8 December 2018 and will be attended by journalists from the most influential specialized media such as Cosmopolitan, Traveler Magazine, World Traveler, Southern Metropolis Weekly, National Geographic Traveler, iWeekly, Weibo and others.On the first and second day of the program (December 1st and 2nd), the journalists will stay in Zagreb, where they will attend the opening of Zagreb’s Advent, but also visit all the city’s sights and tourist attractions. On the third day of the program (December 3), a tour of Samobor is planned, accompanied by a tourist guide, followed by a departure for ?azma and a tour of Salajland, a popular property decorated with millions of lamps.After touring the continent, the group will head to Istria (December 4-6) where they will visit Rovinj, Porec, Pula, Motovun, but also the interior of Istria. After Istria, the journey continues to Kvarner (December 6-8) where Chinese journalists will visit Opatija, Lovran and Rijeka.last_img read more

The first PromoForum brings a conference on human resources in tourism

first_imgPromoForum is the educational face of Promohotel – an international fair of food, beverages and equipment for tourism with a focus on innovation and human resource development in the HoReCa area. You can register HERE, and you can find the complete program of PromoForum HERE. PromoForum combines theory and practice through a series of specialized lectures by top experts in the field of generational difference management, non-traditional sales, NeuroHR, catering, gemification and transformational coaching. Dalibor ?umiga iz Promosapiensa, a company dealing with behavioral marketing and consumer psychology, with its lecture will give a completely different view of the digital age, the eternal question of whether money matters and how success is measured. He will have the final word dr. sc. Kenan Crni? iz KC Academy on how to work smarter, not harder. This lecture focuses on personal development in all our roles, which begins with learning to control our thoughts, overcome our limitations, and increase our productivity by managing our priorities and our greatest resource — time. The main topic is human resource management in tourism Monika Ivanovi?iz Infobip?will talk about how to integrate foreign employees into the organization and environment? “Import” of labor is a measure that is being decided by an increasing number of employers, but the key questions are – are we ready to hire foreign workers? Do we know what this means for our team and organization? What are the key steps in this employment and what kind of preparation are we doing in this segment? We talk about these topics, process, solutions and experiences of integration and assimilation of foreign employees in our environment with Monika, employer branding coordinator of the successful Vodnjan Infobip. This conversation will certainly open up some new perspectives on a topic that is our present and future. Also, the forum will be able to test the subconscious reactions of yourself and your employees and teams, and you will be able to attend a transformational lecture on how to take control and use your full potential in all professional roles. Award-winning Michelin-starred restaurant chef Pilgrims from ?ibenik, Rudolf Stefan, will explain how to create a team that will live the business. He will also present his philosophy towards employees, what knowledge and skills he focuses on and how he integrates young people into his team. Lecturers and moderator / PromoForum Program see HERE “We will only eat what we catch”, is the thought of the leader Dragan Vojvodi? from Sandler Training, which will be imbued with his lecture on recognizing the sales efficiency of employees. “Are your people feeders or sellers?” Dragan asks. An introductory lecture on NeuroHR will be held Marinela Dropulic Ruzic, brand owner Meraklis which deals with the sustainable development of human resources. The lecture will explain why encouraging changes in employee behavior is a long-term process and will present a method of measuring real-time brain impulses (NeuroHR) that will be able to be tested live. This year’s PromoForum, as the first such edition, is a real treat full of lectures, demonstrations, topics and ideas. It is a place that brings together employers and representatives of tourism and hotel middle and lower management from the region with the aim of exchanging best practices, presenting innovative and unconventional solutions, tools and methods to improve processes in the hotel, catering and restaurant industry. It’s PromoForum intended directors of hotels, restaurants, camps, bars, wellness centers, assistant directors of hotels, restaurants, camps, wellness centers, directors and managers of food and beverages, directors and managers of human resources, directors and managers of receptions, directors and managers of halls and bars, directors and heads of household departments, owners of restaurants, bars and cafes, owners of small family hotels and their team leaders, camp owners and their team leaders, and anyone who wants to be one step ahead in personal and professional development. Gemification is a game-based method of learning and transferring knowledge that is increasingly used by the most successful corporations in the world. He will present this phenomenon in more detail Bernard ?uti? iz The Walnut Grove Group. This lecture will present specific solutions for greater engagement and less stress, including Danish business simulations for stress prevention, leadership and effective teamwork.last_img read more

MEETEX once again brings together Croatian providers and foreign buyers from the world of business tourism

first_imgThe second edition of the Croatian Meeting Experience Summit, organized by the Croatian Association of Congress Tourism Professionals and the company Innovative Events, will be held from March 9-11 in Zagreb. MEETEX, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, will bring together 66 Croatian providers and 70 buyers from the business tourism segment, mostly from European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain, USA). Also, foreign buyers were offered several inspection trips to get to know the destination in more detail. This is MEETEX’s cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board and the system of local tourist boards in order to get to know the destination better. Before MEETEX, two groups toured Istria and Kvarner as well as Zagreb, and after MEETEX, the other two groups will get to know the offer of ?ibenik-Knin and Split-Dalmatia counties. In this way, foreign customers can personally see a part of the rich Croatian offer in the segment of business tourism. Source and photo: MEETEX Over 1200 business meetings were arranged over two working days. In addition to the working part of the program, the participants have at their disposal informal socializing, through which they get to know each other better and experience Zagreb and Croatia as a high-quality destination for business tourism. Croatia, as the leading congress-incentive destination in this part of Europe, certainly has something to offer to international buyers and organizers of business events, so MEETEX is becoming a traditional place for such business meetings.last_img read more