U.S. researchers see vast potential for floating solar generation at existing hydroelectric dams

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):Installing floating solar power plants on the reservoirs of existing hydroelectric dams represents an enormous untapped opportunity with a global technical potential of 3,039 GW to 7,593 GW, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Colorado School of Mines estimated in a recent study.The up-to-10,600 TWh of potential annual generation at solar farms floating on hydro reservoirs is equal to nearly half of the world’s total electricity use in 2018, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, said in a Sept. 29 overview of the findings, which will be published in the December issue of the journal Renewable Energy.“This does not represent what could be economically feasible or what the markets could actually support,”?NREL researcher Nathan Lee, the report’s lead author, said in a statement. “Rather, it is an upper-bound estimate of feasible resources that considers waterbody constraints and generation system performance.”North America possesses, by far, the largest technical potential for floating photovoltaic arrays at hydropower reservoirs, accounting for 1,785 GW of the report’s median global estimate of 5,333 GW. Potential benefits of such floating hybrid power plants include avoiding land conflicts, relying on a common substation to reduce infrastructure costs, reducing evaporation from reservoirs and storing excess midday solar production with pumped hydro storage.Floating solar-hydropower hybrids “could play an important role in achieving the ambitious renewable energy targets put forth by many countries,” the researchers said, pointing to the need for more detailed assessments targeted at specific countries or regions.The biggest floating solar markets today are in Asia, where a 150-MW project is operating in China and a 2,100-MW facility is planned in South Korea. In Europe, project development is picking up in areas with land constraints, such as in the Netherlands, where Vattenfall AB completed a 1.2-MW system in late September. The country also hosts a 27.4-MW floating array, Europe’s largest floating solar project, which was completed in March. Akuo Energy developed a 17-MW system at a former quarry site in France, while Lightsource BP Renewable Energy Investments Ltd. built a 6.3-MW solar project on a reservoir connected to London’s water network.[Garrett Hering]More ($): Researchers see untapped potential for floating solar on hydropower reservoirs U.S. researchers see vast potential for floating solar generation at existing hydroelectric damslast_img read more

Adult Recess

first_imgRecess is a hot topic among our elected officials. Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell recently vetoed a bill that would have mandated daily physical activity for kids in Virginia schools. Meanwhile, the state of Colorado passed a bill that requires 30 minutes of activity a day for each child.While our representatives debate the merits of recess in school, adults are increasingly becoming sold on the idea in the workplace. More companies are beginning to enforce mandatory playtime during the work day.“A couple of 10-minute recess breaks a day and a standing desk can have huge health benefits,” says Allison Kleinfelter, a health and nutrition consultant working with Hershey Company in Pennsylvania to help build physical activity into the work day. “Employees typically won’t take it upon themselves to take an activity break. But if the organization sets that time aside for activity, employees love it. And there’s plenty of evidence that shows those breaks increase productivity.”Keen Footwear has caught the recess bug, implementing 15-minute activity breaks into its work day, and creating a “recess center” with Frisbees, yoga mats, and bikes.“We’ve created an open door policy where we encourage everyone to get outside for a 15-minute break,” says Kate Lee, Keen’s director of human resources. The company helped install adult-friendly tire swings in downtown Minneapolis, and it has even started a nationwide campaign to get other companies involved.Adult recess is a key component to the new National Physical Activity Plan, a movement to fight obesity led by a variety of health organizations including the Center for Disease Control and American Heart Association. Currently, 75 percent of Americans don’t meet the plan’s goal of 150 minutes of activity each week.“We’ve engineered exercise out of our lives, particularly in the work place,” says Kleinfelter, who also serves as a consultant for the National Physical Activity Plan. “Instead of seeing exercise as something separate that you have to change your clothes for and drive to a different location to participate in, we’re trying to make it part of the work day.” The 10-Minute Recess Activity ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Calories BurnedStretching………………..28Walking…………………..23Jump Rope………………..91Frisbee…………………….34Ping pong…………………45 Get Up, Stand Up How much of an impact can just standing at your desk make on your overall health? A 150-pound person burns 54 more calories per hour standing at a desk instead of sitting, which adds up to 400 calories burned each day. SUP Yoga Yoga has become the go-to cross training activity for many mountain athletes, but standup paddling (SUP) is quickly catching on as a low impact workout. What happens when you combine the two? You get an innovative workout in a beautiful setting. 1 2last_img read more

Patagonia Fitz Sneak: The one quiver shoe

first_imgIs it just me, or has the world become overly specialized? With more and more products flooding the market, and more and more people doing different stuff all the time, it seems like everything new is developed specifically for one special thing. Gone are the days of the one-quiver anything, now you have to have a different something for each endeavor. Powder skis, groomer skis, park skis, backcountry skis. Downhill bike, cross-country bike, park bike, commuter bike. Small stream trout rod, big river trout rod, smallmouth bass rod, largemouth bass rod. You get the picture, and that’s just the hard goods. When it comes to soft goods, the issue is even more dynamic with baselayers, mid layers, jackets, hats, pants, and of course shoes.Let me be upfront in saying that I am both a gear hound and a shoe hound. My closet is loaded with both from years of dedicated and deliberate accumulation, much of it specialized to the point of never getting used because as often as I would like, I never seem to use my ten-mile-and-above-wet-weather-hydration-compatible-high-altitude day pack or my low-light-late-season-snowing-but-not-too-hard-high-exertion ski goggle lenses. True, sometimes the situation calls for a specialized piece, but usually I just go with whatever gear I’ve used the most because most of the time confidence in what you are using trumps any advantages over-specialization brings to the table.This is why my go-to footwear over the past few weeks has been the Patagonia Fitz. At first glance the Fitz is just another sneaker – albeit made by one of the largest and diverse outdoor brands in the game today – but look a little harder and the Fitz is much more. This is a shoe for all occasions due to its construction and style. Allow me to elaborate.From a technical standpoint, the Fitz fits the bill for all types of active pursuits. First, it’s a lightweight shoe, has a breathable mesh lining, cushy insole and foot bed, and a grippy rubber sole for traction. All this adds up to a super comfortable sneaker equally adept at urban assaults or short day hikes. I would not hesitate to take this shoe out on the trail – in fact, I have done this – because the suede upper prevents the usual wear and tear from dirt, sticks, and the rocks I usually kick down the trail pretending to be a caveman version of Pele. Speaking of suede, that brings me to my next point: style.The Fitz is low profile, meaning they look great with shorts and allow pant or jean cuffs to drape over them with ease. The leather adds a touch of class to this shoe allowing you to sport them at the bar or the boardroom – with three subdued color options, they can almost pass as a type of dress shoe (this may be a stretch depending on what you consider a dress shoe, but they have leather so…). The stitching of the Fitz Roy silhouette, and Patagonia logo, is a unique feature I have not seen on a shoe before – this is no Swoosh.I tend to opt for some type of sneaker in the summer as oppose to flops just in case I need to break into a sprint at any given moment, plus I enjoy the support for my freestyle walking habit. The great thing about the Fitz is it satisfies my wife’s desire for me to not wear skate shoes – she finds them tacky, and I don’t skate so they also make me a poser – while satisfying my desire to be ready to chase a purse snatcher, climb a tree, race a bike, hop a fence, dunk, launch a staircase, send a gap, or otherwise display my athletic prowess at the drop of a hat.I can do all this while still keeping it cool and classy in the Fitz, and that’s all you can ask for in a shoe.last_img read more

The Human Shuttle

first_imgI spend a lot of time towing my kids around. Literally. I fashion a variety of sleds and actually tow my kids around through the forest, snow, water. It started when they were babies and the jogging stroller became my one and only workout. I got to run and my wife got an hour of sanity in the middle of the day. The babies cried, mostly. When they got older, I created a harness system and sled, so I could cross country ski them deep into the High Country during our too infrequent snow storms. During warmer months, it was the bike trailer. All of a sudden, taking a simple trip to the post office or the park became a workout thanks to the 75 pounds of children I was towing. It might look like an ideal picture of fatherhood, me toting my children into the woods or up a mountainous road (quality time!), but it’s totally selfish. I spend all day with my kids. The only way I’m going for a run, ride or ski is if I take my kids with me. I don’t want to stop doing awesome stuff, and I want my kids to enjoy the same awesome stuff, so my garage is full of various dad-powered, sled-like contraptions. They’re getting older and less content to sit idle while I toil under their extra weight, so the bike trailer is getting rusty from lack of use. They want to ride their own bikes now. The stroller is long gone (we maxed out the weight limit on that thing), donated to another family. And they’re rapidly becoming little rippers on the ski hill, so I don’t have to tow them around in the snow anymore. It’s as if they don’t need me at all anymore. Is this what empty nest syndrome feels like? Luckily, there’s the French Broad River. I’ve started tying a small raft to the back of my paddleboard and trudging upriver for as far as I can go, before setting them free to tube downriver under my helicopter-parent/watchful eye. It’s a brutal workout (the drag that an inflatable raft filled with 100 pounds of kid creates is significant) and the kids love being on the river. Maybe more important, I feel useful again. They need me, out there on the river. Both as a shuttle to move them upriver and as a guide as they float downstream.? And it’s a new way to look at this river for me. Usually, I’m towing a cooler full of beer, ambling downstream without expending much energy. I even developed a paddleboard-specific Koozie that hangs around my neck, so I can paddle and occasionally take a sip. But towing the kids upstream, the river is now a gym. It’s no longer a lazy class I float, it’s a formidable opponent. Something to conquer. I do miss the beer, though.last_img read more

Outdoor Updates: U.S. Triathlon Gold team moves to Asheville, NC

first_imgU.S. Triathlon Gold team moves to Asheville, NC Iguanas invade Florida—and homeowners are instructed to kill them The team is working in partnership with UNC Asheville and has access to the school’s Justice Center Pool and Karl Straus Track, as well as the pool at the Asheville Jewish Community Center. According to a news release, the athletes also spend much of their time training in and around Biltmore Lake. “The training facilities are first class, the natural resources are amazing and the community is great,” Evans said in a press release.? There are so many invasive green iguanas in Florida right now that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is encouraging homeowners to humanely kill the reptile. Green iguanas are invasive to Florida and can cause major damage to infrastructure, including seawalls and sidewalks, the commission says. Homeowners do not need a permit to kill green iguanas, and they can also be killed year-round without a permit on 22 public lands in south Florida.center_img After considering 16 cities around the country, the U.S Triathlon Gold team has selected Asheville, NC as its new home and training ground. The team is coached by USA Triathlon certified coach Jarrod Evans and is made up of elite athletes competing at the International level. The squad is currently at work training for the next Olympic Trials in order to secure a spot in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Two of the athletes, Mary Alex England and Sophie Chase, will represent the U.S. at the Pan American Games next month.? Green iguanas are typically green, though they can also be brown or nearly black in color. They have a row of spikes along their neck, back and upper tail and grow up to five feet in length. Males can weigh up to 17 pounds while females typically top the scales around seven pounds. They live on the ground, in shrubs or in trees and feed on a variety of vegetation, including ornamental plants, making them a nuisance to many homeowners.last_img read more

Peru Will Be No. 1 Coca Producer By 2011, Experts Say

first_imgBy Dialogo August 18, 2009 Peru could displace Colombia in 2011 as the world’s biggest producer of coca, the raw material of cocaine, according to experts quoted by La Republica newspaper. In “2011 or 2012 Peru very probably should come to be the No. 1 producer of cocaine in the world, as occurred in the 1980s,” analyst Jaime Garcia Diaz told the paper. In that decade, the amount of territory in Peru on which coca leaf was being grown was about 120,000 hectares (300,000 acres). In 2005, about 48,200 hectares were used to grow coca and in 2008 56,100 hectares, and at present the country is the world’s second largest producer of coca, according to the United Nations. If the rising trend of the past few years is maintained, with coca production increasing by about 4 or 5 percent annually, coca leaf cropland in Peru will total 75,000 hectares in 2011, despite the government’s efforts to eradicate about 10,000 hectares of the illegal crop each year. In contrast, in Colombia, the land area on which coca leaf was being grown, by 2008, had fallen by 18 percent to about 80,953 hectares, according to U.N. figures cited by La Republica. Garcia Diaz and drug trafficking expert Jaime Antezana, both of whom are with ConsultAndes, agree that the aggressive campaign to eradicate coca plots being pursued in Colombia could cause drug traffickers to shift their production to Peru. This situation “would cause the coca land area in our country to grow by about 10 percent,” said Garcia Diaz, emphasizing that the government’s efforts to eradicate the coca leaf cropland are insufficient. The areas of greatest coca leaf and cocaine production in Peru are the Valley of the Apurimac and Ene Rivers and the Huallaga Valley, where drug traffickers linked with the so-called “remnants” of the Shining Path guerrilla group operate. Peru, like neighboring Bolivia, allows cultivation of coca in small quantities for use in teas, folk remedies and Andean religious rites. Since time immemorial, Andean peasants have chewed coca – a mild stiumulant in its unadulterated form – to ward off hunger pangs and cope with the affects of altitude sickness.last_img read more

Haiti Extends Quake State Of Emergency For 18 Months

first_imgBy Dialogo April 19, 2010 The Haitian parliament extended the quake-hit nation’s state of emergency for another 18 months as it set up a special committee to take charge of reconstruction. “This law confirms the creation of the (reconstruction committee) as well as the extension of the state of emergency called for by the president,” Senator Michel Clerier said. The text has already been sent to President Rene Preval to be signed. The new committee will oversee the rebuilding of the country ravaged by the January 12 quake, and will be chaired by former US president Bill Clinton and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. Its creation was one of the measures agreed at an international donors conference held in New York last month, when 138 states and organizations pledged some 5.3 billion dollars to help rebuild Haiti over the next two years. In total some 9.9 billion dollars was pledged for three years and beyond. “Now the international community must honor the promises it made in new York,” said another Senator Hector M. Amacacis. The 7.0-magnitude quake caused eight billion dollars worth of damage — about 120 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product.last_img read more

Keiko Fujimori Leads Peru’s Poll for 2011 Presidency

first_imgBy Dialogo September 24, 2010 KEIKO FUJIMORA LEADS IN THE POLLS FOR TWO POWERFUL REASONS, TO WIT: A) BECAUSE THE PUBLIC IS AWARE THAT KEIKO AND HIS FATHER ACTED FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE COUNTRY, TERRORISM WAS CONTROLLED, THE ECONOMY IMPROVED, THEY CARRIED OUT GREAT WORKS, THE GOVERNMENT WASNa€?T TARNISHED BY DIRECT ACTIONS ON THE PART OF FUJIMORA BUT BY THOSE OF MONTESINOS. B) BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WANT THE FUJIMORA FAMILY TO BE RESTOED, BEFORE AN INJUST AND UNREASONABLE DETENTION OF FUJIMORA WHEN THERE ARE THOSE THAT HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND GOVERNING WITHOUT SANCTIONS, AFTER RETURNING FROM ABROAD, THEY NOT ONLY KILLED PRISONERS WITHOUT PITY, BUT THEY ALSO DID THE SAME THING IN BAGUA AND NO ONE JUDGED THEM. WHAT SHAMEFUL IMPUNITY Add a little bit of seriousness into your news. To say that Keyko leads in the polls is irresponsible. 1) TOLEDO – ( MANIQUI – OF a€“ U.S.A ).Therefore things will go wrong for us, in case you havena€?t noticed that country is ambitious and abusive it will own us and we will be their slaves. We will not allow that 2) – CASTA?‘EDA-(WORKS WILL NOT CHANGE OUR SOCIAL PROBLEMS). a€“ it also doesna€?t work 3) KEIKO FUJIMORI (DOING AWAY WITH CORRUPTION). a€“ It is the best path I AM VERY SADDEND BY HOW MUCH THEY HATE THE POLITICIANS, PRESS, WRITERS TO THIS PARTY ABOUT ALL OF ITS POLICIES a€“ WHAT, THEY DONa€?T EAT IF CRIME DOESNa€?T EXISTa€|??? a€“ BUT THE POOR ARE THE MAJORITY a€“ AND WE ARE WITH KEIKO a€“ WHAT WE WANT IS PEACE IN OUR COUNTRY HELLO, I THINK KEIKO IS A GOOD OPTION FOR THE COUNTRY, WELL EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ELECTED AND TO ELECT, BESIDES IF ALBERTO FUJIMORA IS ACCUSED OF COMMITTING MISTAKES, I include the wise and illustrious phrase of a great man a€?he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.a€? SO FRIENDLY READER do not judge the mistakes of the past and least of all despise the daughter of Alberto Fujimora for an alleged mistake of her father, she is a different person and capable and with a fresh mind in which to govern the country, and you, friend is a christian, LETa€?S PRAY TO GOD SO THAT HE CAN GIVE THE WISDOM TO ELECT A CAPABLE GOVERNMENT AND THE ONE THAT IS ELECTED HAVE THE DISPOSITION TO SEEK DIVINE COUNSEL BECAUSE ON HIM RESTS THE SUCCESS OF A GOVERNMENTa€|WITH MUCH AFFECTION WILLIAM ALEGRIA GARCIA Ignorance is the worst misfortune of mankind, the worst that could happen to PERUVIANS is to elect foreign people, people without rank, without any academic preparation; just remember- PERUVIANS we have even elected a prostitute like SUSI DIAZ, illiterates like FUJIMORI, that is how we are. And to continue the same history PERU is headed down the very same road. May VELASCO ALVARADO PANIAGUA return. In reality I think is that despite each of the candidates giving us their best a€?Speecha€?, unfortunately there isn’t much to choose from, unfortunately we have no choice but to vote for the least corrupt, or for the one that has committed the fewest mistakes, it shouldna€?t have to be like this, or havena€?t you ever heard: a€?He steals, but he creates jobsa€?a€|or a€?This one, we already knowa€?a€|it is very true that we should vote for new ideas, young peoplea€|but I believe all across the board there should be young people, because you also know that one rotten apple spoils the whole barrela€|Leta€?s vote conscientiously. Only this way will we be able to change something in this country where we livea€| I think Keykoa€?s proposal is very good. If we consider how her fathera€?s government wasna€?t as bad compared to that of Alan Garciaa€?s. At least the people should admit that there was economic stability and much more, on the other hand, with Alan there are more increases in the basic price of food and ended up selling the national companies to foreigners. It is true that no one person is perfect but a mistake is not committed twice, if we want development we should support Keyko who is our better option!!! 400 absences, more than 180 days off for maternity leave, more than 223 days for 18 trips abroad, and she only presented motions regarding health, buta€|She already got paid: one million solesa€|!! Now she wants to be the President of Peru. She only succeeded in having five proposals approved in four years of work. Furthermore she was out of the country for 223 days and according to the Congressional attendance record, she has more than 400 absences. Keiko is investigated for the first time for profiteering/embezzlement. WELL, I RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR FATHER PUT AN END TO TERRORISM IN PERU, HE BROUGHT LIGHT TO MY COUNTRY, ASPHALT TO THE HIGHWAY FROM NASCA TO CUZCO, SINCE A I WAS A CHILD I WAS A FUJIMORISTA AND EVEN CRIED WHEN HE LEFT PERU, BUT NOW THAT I AM A PROFESSIONAL I SEE THAT EVERYTHING WAS ONLY A FARSE, THERE IS NO WORK FOR THE YOUNG, MUCH LESS FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG IT FORCES US TO LEARN THAT WE DONa€?T LIKE THE STATE THEY SHOULD GIVE THE TRAINING TO US BUT WE WHO ARE MANY SOMETIMES CANNOT GO TO ANY TRAINING AT THE BIG CITIES, AT THE END OF IT ALL YOU ALL PROMISE AND DONa€?T KEEP THAT PROMISE WELL THE DAY WILL COME WHEN INKARRY IS UNITING HER BASE I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER For me neither your fathera€?s government or that of others has been good for our country. I’ve been here in Argentina studying for the past 3 years, and education is in fact free, something that is a farce in Peru. I’m a teacher and studied for 5 years and I come here to work because back there you have to have money to use it, our poor country……………… Keiko would be the continuity of his father in other words he would continue the narco-GOVERNMENT, he already has a habit of taking money from all Peruvians and wants to keep stealing from peru, hopefully they reconsider. ….. Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of ex-president Alberto Fujimori — in prison for human rights violations — tops the list of hopefuls in the April 2011 presidential race, according to a poll on September 22. Keiko Fujimori, 35, is a popular member of Peru’s single chamber legislature who became popular as the country’s de facto first lady when her parents divorced while her father was president. If she decides to run, she would just scrape by on age eligibility, barely reaching the age of 36 required to become president. Fujimori has a 24 percent approval ratings, followed by former Lima mayor Luis Castaneda with 19 percent, according to a poll by Ipsos Apoyo. Third is Alejandro Toledo, president 2001-2006 and credited for laying the groundwork for the country’s economic success. He is followed by the runner-up in the 2006 election, nationalist Ollanta Humala, with 14 percent. President Alan Garcia, who is at the end of his second term in office, cannot run for a third consecutive term. Fujimori’s current level of support would force her into a runoff vote, in which Castaneda would defeat her 43 to 40 percent, according to the poll. The poll was carried out among 1,933 people across the country, in a nation with 19.5 million voters. It has a two point margin of error. Alberto Fujimori, president 1990-2000, was sentenced in April to 25 years prison on charges linked to running a secret army hit squad that killed 25 civilians during the country’s brutal internal insurgency. The former president resigned by fax from Japan in 2000 as he fled a corruption scandal sparked by a video of his spymaster, Vladimiro Montesinos, seen paying off an opposition lawmaker. Keiko Fujimori has said that she would pardon her jailed father if elected, though it is unclear if she has the authority to do so.last_img read more

US Intercepts 2.200 Kilograms of Cocaine in the Caribbean

first_imgBy Dialogo April 27, 2012 A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office reconnaissance P-3 airplane, operating out of National Air Security Operations Center-Jacksonville (NASOC-JAX), detected two go-fast vessels carrying more than 2,200 kilograms of cocaine with a combined value of more than $362 million. On April 20, a P-3 operating in the Western Caribbean spotted two go-fast vessels 120 miles off the coast of Panama. The two 40-foot twin-engine vessels were spotted speeding north and appeared to be loaded with numerous packages when the Florida-based CBP P-3 began tracking them. Local law enforcement assets were vectored in to pursue the two vessels, which attempted to evade authorities. One vessel abandoned the contraband before arriving on shore, while the second go-fast was seized nearby. A U.S. Navy vessel operating in the area retrieved 89 bales of cocaine from the scene. This seizure is in addition to the $2.8 billion detected by the CBP P-3s operating out of Jacksonville, Fla. and Corpus Christi, Texas since October 2011. The P-3s’ distinctive detection capabilities allow highly-trained crews to identify emerging threats well beyond the land borders of the U.S. By providing surveillance of known air, land, and maritime smuggling routes in an area that is twice the size of the continental U.S., the P-3s detect, monitor and disrupt smuggling activities before they reach shore.last_img read more

SOUTHCOM Commander Kelly Visits Panama and Guatemala

first_img During his second stop in Guatemala, Kelly met with President Otto Perez Molina; Ambassador Luis Fernando Carrera, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Brig. Gen. Ulises Ansueto Giron, Minister of Defense. The general also met with U.S. Ambassador Arnold A. Chacon, as well as other members of the embassy staff to discuss SOUTHCOM’s support to the Central American Regional Security Initiative and the U.S. partnership with Guatemala. Kelly discussed military bilateral security cooperation with the leaders of both nations. The general’s discussions focused on cooperation in combating transnational threats like organized crime and drug trafficking, supporting responses to natural disasters, and training engagements. By Dialogo March 01, 2013 In Panama, Kelly met with President Ricardo Martinelli, Minister of Public Security Jose Mulino, and the directors of Panama’s National Air and Navy Service (SENAN), National Border Service (SENAFRONT), and the Panamanian National Police. During the past year, the U.S. and Guatemala have partnered with international forces to support Operation Martillo, aimed at disrupting maritime illicit trafficking activities along Central America’s coastal waters. In 2012, the contributions of Guatemala and other nations in support of the operation helped increase illicit trafficking disruptions in the region by 30 percent compared to the previous year. Marine Corps General John F. Kelly, the commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), concluded a three-day trip to Panama and Guatemala on February 22, after meeting with leaders from both nations. Recent focus areas for SOUTHCOM’s engagement with Guatemala include joint operations and planning, maritime security, information sharing, human rights, communications, logistics, and peacekeeping. Thanks to the Chief of Southern Command for visiting the President of my country, Otto P??rez Molina, hopefully he is truly committed to the fight against drug trafficking, and to the capture of the two main families of drug-trafficking in Guatemala.3 Congratulations . Congratulations. The United States and Panama enjoy strong security ties. SOUTHCOM works closely with Panamanian security forces on several areas of mutual interest, including the disruption of illicit trafficking, humanitarian assistance projects, multinational exercises, disaster readiness, and training. last_img read more